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Fire Sprinkler Systems

Lanko Fire Protection offers 24/7 repair services on all types of fire sprinkler systems to ensure the safety, reliability and performance of your fire safety equipment.


Extinguisher Service and Repair

A faulty fire extinguisher could cost valuable time in an emergency, and it could lead to unnecessary injuries or property damage. Be confident that your fire extinguishers will not fail when you need them most with fire extinguisher inspection services from Lanko Fire. Our experts will:

  • Verify the correct types of extinguishers are installed in each location.

  • Make sure the fire extinguisher is mounted properly, easy to see, and ready for use

  • Check for clear, legible fire extinguisher instructions and warnings

  • Inspect each fire extinguisher for damage like cracked tanks, defective valves, leaks, or rust

  • Check pressure gauges and weights to ensure extinguishers are properly charged

  • Tag the fire extinguisher to verify that they have been inspected


Fire Safety Inspections

Visual and mechanical inspections are important for locating signs of damage, misuse, or failures in your sprinkler system. Inspections are performed according to NFPA standards, with some measure of adjustments provided by local AHJ's and unique plans for our clients according to their unique needs-you can depend on our confidence inspection teams for:

  • Weekly sprinkler inspections

  • Monthly sprinkler inspections

  • Semiannual sprinkler inspections

  • Annual testing and inspections


Fire Alarm Service

Fire Alarm Systems require immediate repairs and routine maintenance. A malfunctioning fire detection system poses a risk to your building's occupants, property, and real estate.

Lanko Fire Protection provides fire alarm services in Colorado.

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Backflow Testing and Repair

Following the installation of your backflow preventer, an initial test ensures the device is working correctly. Annual test from then on are required to ensure the backflow preventer continues to do its job. These regulations are in place to safeguard public drinking water and enforce by the Environmental Protection Agency. Failure to keep up with the required testing time frame could result in an interrupted freshwater supply and fines for noncompliance.

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Fire Pump Inspections and Repair

Fire Pumps form a crucial aspect of a working fire sprinkler system in many businesses. The installation of these systems is an important first step in keeping your building fire-safe and up to code, but once this is done it's up to rigorous and routine testing and inspections to ensure your business remains adequately protected at all times.



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